MPOW H5 Looks Back: Earless Noise Canceling Headphones for $45

MPOW H5 Looks Back: Earless Noise Canceling Headphones for $45

MPOW H5 look: 45 dollars noise-canceling earbuds

After looking around MPOW T5 – around the edges of the TWS earphones, as they robbed the editors of gg of the worst damage, but it was already possible to try one more ringer in the robot, the model of the same earphones – MPOW H5 earphones with active noise suppression and with a miraculous price of 45 dollars. Sounds like fire to us, like and such prices, following the principle “we don’t lay rich, so you pay pennies for cheap speech”, but the first word is positive, why not get to know more closely with one more annex.

What’s in the box

MPOW H5 look: 45 dollars-2 noise-canceling earbuds

Headphones arrived as soon as the MPOW T5 was written, then a couple of days lay idle in a cardboard box of a negligent look. So, to the point, you can also consider it as a harn sign – instead of that, to inflate the cheeks and be for yourself, Kim you don’t, the virobnik virushiv protect the packaging, robyvshi її even more idle. Looking at such a pidkhid looks logical – let’s not save already (and at such a price they obviously spared some money there) on packaging, so that everything can be put into a basket for converting paper, lower on the annex itself. All in all, it was less “necessary”: the MPOW H5 headphones themselves, a charging cable, a suede pouch for portability (headphones are foldable), a cable with 3.5 mm plugs on the headphone, as well as a battery and you need to change into a wireless headphone that Japanese language, a card (the same one was in the box with MPOW T5), what is guessing that the headphones are charged with a charger, what you see is more than 5 volts (do not enter the charge in a hundred of smart chargers) You can connect to a TV using a Bluetooth adapter. In this case, the vibration does not vibrate and do not put in the box the adapter for the armchair in the litak, which is typical in such situations. In the first place, I happen to transfer my varity to the purchase, in a different way, it is unlikely that the purchase of such headphones often wears letaks.

A cable with a length of 1.2 meters (before the speech, I was in the life of this line, I suspected the wrong 0.3 meters in the description of the wires, which clearly did not show the truth) , lower cables with round crossbar.

MPOW H5 look: 45 dollars-3 noise-canceling earbuds

How MPOW H5 looks like

Headphones look nice – ear pads, as usual, soft and comfortable to wear. The outer part of the head is made of soft touch plastic, practical (easy to clean) and good for dotik. Rotten mechanical elements of metal, with fixation in working position. They look superbly, at every time for more than a month the stench of the lucky victoria did not rise. The outer part of the headphones is also shattered with soft touch plastic, but, in my opinion, all the decorative plate is polished, as if it’s too crazy to play your representative role. Wanting to її sloppy form is forgotten,

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